Our Mission
Welcome to Glamis, your number one source for all Apple Watch Jewelry Band accessories. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of cuffs and plates made with real 925 stainless steel and 14K gold, with a focus on High Quality, Great Customer Service, and Affordable Prices.
Glamis makes sure every item is durable, meticulously cut, and aesthetically pleasing. We offer a variety of unique designs on cuffs and plates. You can upgrade your Glamis by adding Swarovski crystals on it. We have the perfect combination of cuffs and plates creating your own personal brand style for your Apple Watch wrist.
Even if you are not sure of which item to choose, our e-shop has got several ways to help you identify your needs. Everything about Glamis revolves around our commitment to our customers and helping them discover another world through Glamis.
We have very flexible shipping policies and returns and refund policies. We understand that during shipping, accidents can happen, so we do our best to review every case of lost or damaged items.


Our History
Founded in 2020 by Apple Watch enthusiasts, a brother and a sister, Glamis has managed to build up a reputable establishment online. We have a great team and we aim to grow, offering our customers the best products that are available. We have a passion for accessorizing Apple Watch bands. Our Glamis are made to keep you looking great, but can also be gifts for people who appreciate a cool sleek style.
The products we sell are safe and eco-friendly and are going through a variety of different processes for approval. We now serve customers all over the world and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into our own brand.
Our Team Members
We are dedicated to providing 24/7 Customer Support! Our team members are are trained to assist you with any queries you might have. If you have any questions about our products, or if you would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.
Our customer support team will be happy to assist you. For any specific questions regarding our general policies or shipping policies please review the policy pages provided on the footer. Otherwise, you can always visit our FAQ page for commonly asked questions.
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